Meet the team

We’ve moved to – same great photographers but with a new look.


When he isn’t striding manfully around remote scottish beaches chanelling Jamie Bond (he took this photo as part of a personal project) Oli can be found with his camera at music events, parties and balls, or seeing what happens when you get as many willing volunteers as you can muster to be photographed eating a lime.

What else can I tell you about Oli?  He’s a ridiculously good cook.  He takes care of his friends and genuinely likes people.  He’s competing with his Dad over who can find the most geocaches (last I heard, Papa Walker was ahead).  He’s also into graphic design, trebuchet building, airsoft and paintballing and the occasional swing of a fire poi.


Ben’s a lovely, genial guy, and his event photography is as sharp as a tack.

Check out his travel portfolio for some serious eye feasting, and his blog for more work and news.  When he’s not photographing, having art prints and cards made or travelling Ben does some research work.  Oh, and he’s training to be a doctor.  Underachiever.


I love weddings, drink a lot of tea and make a good cake.  Don’t normally wear a fedora, but you know, when in the booth….

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