Event Photography

We supply photobooths, instant prints, portable studios and event photography to any sort of event: university balls, school formals/proms, business functions, charity events, fashion shows, performances, awards ceremonies and christmas parties to name a few.

Photobooths/Instant Photography

  • - We set up an open mini-studio with lights, backdrop, fun and vintage props and instant display system.  This acts as both a hugely popular entertainment and as a high-quality photography service.  We are able to tailor the booth to suit your event by colour, aesthetic and theme.
  • - Instant high-quality framed copies are available for guests to buy
  • -  A high-res copy of all the images is given to the event organiser on DVD to use on their website and for future publicity
  • -  Photographs are uploaded to Facebook albums for guests to tag, share and comment


Charity May Ball, for the Kate Kennedy Club

St Andrews Graduations Ball 2011

Roving Event Photography

A fantastic option for event organisers to capture all those hard-organised details, venue, decor, atmosphere and fun with gorgeous, high-quality images.  Build the buzz about your event, share on social media and the web, and use for publicity.


Events by Ben Goulter

Events by Oli Walker


We are able to travel throughout Scotland, and further afield, and our pricing is very reasonable: get in touch here to discuss your requirements with us.


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