St Andrews May Ball

We were invited back to provide a photobooth for the Kate Kennedy Club’s Annual May Ball, hosted in St Andrews, and knowing how St Andrews students love a good party, we jumped at the chance for some more excellent photobooth pictures.


The KK Club gave us freedom to theme the photobooth however we wanted, so we let our imagination run wild, and came up with a pop-art style.


As ever, the props provided our guests with a tactile distraction, allowing even the most camera shy to enjoy being part of the experience.


But we still provided the opportunity for couples and groups to participate in a more intimate photograph, even among the hub-bub of one of the biggest balls in St Andrews


The May Ball saw the second outing of our Prints On Demand service, which gave guests the option of buying their photo immediately after seeing it on our large display screen, just seconds after it had been taken.


So thank you to the Kate Kennedy Club for inviting us back once again, and thanks to all the wonderful people who came to our photobooth to take part and helping us take so many fantastic pictures.

2013-05-05 18.01.53

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