Sandi Thom

When Willows Animal Sanctuary  asked me to photograph their first event of the year – Sandi Thom’s visit and signing event – I was really excited.  And quite nervous; I’ve never taken a celebrity portrait before.  When it comes to work though getting a good image comes first, so sometimes you just have to get over it and carry on.  I think most people experience something like this.

I needn’t have worried as it turned out – Sandi was not only more beautiful than anyone has a right to be, she was also very charming.  Even when I put her in the only light I could find for a portrait, which happened to be by an open barn door, with a freezing blizzard blowing in.

Sandi does amazing rock, blues and roots music now, by the way.  You should check her out.

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  1. Laura says:

    Ok, firstly, I’m an idiot! I’ve been seeing you writing about various shoots you’ve been doing, and checking your other blog for them but to no avail. Because you’ve been here!

    Secondly, it’s AMAZING. This site, this photoshoot. I love* the last photograph. Perfect.

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